"Lockdown + young kids has been a walk in the park for our relationship." — said almost no parent, ever

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We know it's been tough — balancing work, childcare, let alone your own sanity.

This new reality can be challenging, even for the strongest of couples.

So we made a relationship care kit to help your relationship thrive in lockdown & beyond

Happy Gilly Couple

Two weeks of easy, impactful & fun exercises to help you:

  • Keep the playfulness and connection between you
  • Navigate uncertainty & tension together
  • Create intimacy
  • And well, not kill each other.

P.S. It's 100% free

P.P.S Limited to 500 couples

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2 weeks.

14 gifts of connection.


Research based

Developed together with sex & relationship experts


Bite sized & easy

Each activity takes less than 15 minutes. Small things add up!


Made for parents

This is for the adults in the house 😎


How does it work?


Sign up + receive your daily treat via SMS or WhatsApp

Each text contains a link to your treat of the day. Some days will contain the same exercise for both of you. On other days, you may have different ones.

Oh, the suspense!

What is a treat?

Quick, playful exercises designed to help you take care of your relationship well-being & intimacy, together.

gilly time

Your Gilly time

Quality time looks different for every couple! Each treat is simply an invitation to be an active participant in your relationship — however that looks like.

No stress if you can't do this daily — this isn't a "program" where you must do them all.

Community & Support

Join our private Facebook group — a space where you can share, ask questions (anonymously, if you wish!) and support each other (even if it's with a meme for comic relief).


One small moment of connection can make a big difference

Come out stronger, together ❤️


Who’s behind this?

We are a small, early stage startup working on a big dream — to help couples with kids feel more like lovers and less like roommates.

While our app is still in development, we felt a sense of urgency to do our part to help families in and coming out of lockdown. Now.

So we've quickly curated a collection of exercises from our library to form this free series for you.

We hope this free two week of intimacy treats will help provide some needed support for parents.

It really does take a village to raise a family, and we hope this will do its part to help our virtual village come out stronger, together.

Y'all stay safe, healthy & in love,

the Gilly Team

Our founder, Erin Chen, is a trained sex & relationship counsellor passionate about making life easier for parents (she's one too). If you're curious, this is her TEDx talk: "The secret ingredients to sexual intelligence"

Say hello to our team

Erin Chen

Erin Chen

Founder & CEO

Brianna Marci

Experience Director

Luana Cunha Ferreira, PhD

Couples Therapy & Sexology Advisor

isa Sommerhuber

Lisa Sommerhuber

Product Manager

Ela Haney

Ela Haney

Brand & UX Design Lead


Danielle Baxter

Content Apprentice


1. Do I need to do this with my partner?

We found that couples who join Gilly together have higher satisfaction. For now, both of you need to sign up in order to receive the treats.

2. How do I invite my partner?

Once you sign up, you will receive an invitation link to share with your partner. They will need to accept your invite before you both start to receive your treats!

3. Will my partner see what I write in my exercises?

No, they do not automatically see what you share. We will let you know whenever your answers are shared with your partner.

4. Do we need to do all of the exercises?

If you'd like! But it's not a must. We want to help add lightness to your day, not more stress. The intention of Gilly is to be a friendly nudge and reminder to remember your relationship well-being.

5. Is this therapy?

While Gilly is designed with inputs from professionals from related fields, it is not therapy. Its content is provided for information purposes only and is not intended as medical advice, or as a substitute for the professional advice of clinical practitioners.

6. I'm a professional working with couples and I would like to suggest Gilly to them as a tool to complement their work with me. Can I do that?

Yes! This is a great way to use Gilly. Do not hesitate to contact us at hello[at]getgilly[dot]com if you have any questions or suggestions — we would love to hear from you.

7. What if I don't want to receive treats anymore?

You can text STOP anytime and you will no longer receive any messages from Gilly.